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Meenu this was long overdue;);).. my experience of following your diet plan for 3 months helped me reach my target weight , I lost 5 kgs and a further 2 kg more even after completing the diet session. I always believed that my bootcamp or hardcore cardio could help me lose weight but that did not help much. With your diet plan many eating habits have been corrected –
a) i have drastically dropped sugar from food, except sugar that i consume in fruits, this life style change has greatly helped me in stabilising my new weight.
b) i now choose sensibly, both what to eat daily and when i am travelling and how i can balance the excess with cardio or exercises the next day.
Most of all what i have loved about you is your time and concern for answering queries, especially when i was anxious about weight loss and you explained the role of hormones in this. Plus you’ve always been there helping me with diet suggestions for recurring ailments, even after my session got over with you. Also i am genuinely touched by your concern for a very dear relative of mine, for planning out his diet and closely following up:):)Thanks a lot and    You are truly passionate about your work and doing great good to a lot of us:):) — feeling happy.

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Thank you Meenu for setting me off on my weight loss journey. It has been a bumpy six months with my weight see sawing up and down. However I managed to lose a few kg though I have PCOS. I also have to admit that I didnt stick totally to the meal plans. I intend to do so in the future hopefully. My biggest achievement is that I try to eat healthy wholesome balanced meals and am aware of what i put into my mouth and the consequences i will face. I also exercise much more than before.My blood test results were a bonus as i have managed to bring down my triglyceride levels to normal . I also feel more invigorated and active.My family also enjoys the healthy recipes Meenu introduced to me like the Quinoa , Poha , Guacamole , avacado salads etc. Meenu thank you for being a good mentor and listener and urging me to eat better and exercise more. For anyone who is in my shoes, dont give up. The journey, though its going to be long, will be well worth it.

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I had the pleasure of meeting Meenu Agarwal last year when I contacted her for nutrition and weight loss counseling. Meenu did not restrict my eating habits but showed me how to read labels and introduce healthier things & timings into my diet. She taught me about the nutritious types of food that encourage a healthier lifestyle and living. She also showed me how to increase my exercise so that my body would work more efficiently towards my achieving my goal. I am pleased to say that I have lost weight, my cholesterol levels are under control and my overall diet has improved. Meenu is completely professional, yet she has a touching compassion and dedication to her clients. I am proud to be able to say that she has been my nutritionist and she brought about a significant change in my lifestyle.


Hello everyone i would like to share my weight loss journey with Meenu Agarwal.When i met her i was 71kg and Meenu suggested me to loose around 16kg in 7 months time.When i started the weight loss programme i made my mind to give full 100 percent dedication and hardwork to what i m doing and that worked like a magic for me. From a non exerciser i started to walk everyday n slowly slowly increased my strength and started to cover 6 km in the morning and around 2 to 3km in the evening.I followed her diet plan with full dedication without any cheat. I want to tell that Meenu‘s diet plan is not a starving one with only fruits and vegetables. It includes rice, roti, dal and all indian style curry n she prepares a customized diet plan based on our health requirement.After i started diet plan i was eating more meals in a day than before and on time.I enjoyed every meal.Some days when i feel like eating some sweets or any other food she never said NO, she say u can eat but not more. After 4 months my weight was 57kg from 71kg and now i am 53kg and i am maintaining that weight by eating all normal food.I always stay very active now.I want to thank Meenuji for transforming me from a non-exerciser to person who spend 60 min everday for work out and feel guilty if miss a single day work out and also if i eat junk food.As i choose healthy food automatically my family also eat healthy.Meenuji is very supportive and always have a ready to help attitude on any doubts i get even after the programme ended.I strongly feel that she really want to see tranformation in people to a healthy lifestyle..

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I went through some hormonal treatment for over a year which resulted in me putting on quite a few kgs. Inspite of the realization that i was fat i did not do much in watching my diet and though i exercised it was not enough. Then during a routine medical check up last year my cholesterol levels came out high and that sent me into a panic mode. I had been procrastinating going to Meenu fora while but the medical reports pushed me to take an appointment with her right away. This was July 2017.

On meeting her, few things about her appealed to me right away. Firstly the things she suggested to begin a healthy life style were all practical common sense and totally doable. Secondly her opinion that no diet should be something that one cannot do for a life time made a lot of sense and thirdly she never pushed me to join her diet plan but explained why it would be important for me to get help in the beginning.

I took the plunge and started a 9 month plan to loose 16.5kg with Meenu on 31st July and it is a decision i do not regret! All through the nine months Meenu was a constant source of support and inspiration everytime you felt that you were failing or stagnating. My job requires lot of client lunches and dinners and some amount of travel and she was able to advise how to eat healthy through all of this without being in a difficult position.

The diet plan had 80-90% of the things i liked to eat so it was easy to follow. It just taught me how to eat smaller portions and eat healthy.

9 months later I had Iost 11.5 kg and all my heath indicators were back to normal. Though i did not reach Meenu’s full desired goal for me it was a 100% victory for me as i was happy with my progress. I was back to where i had been before i started the hormonal treatment.

4 months after i have stopped my diet plan with Meenu, her advice has continued to guide on how i manage my family’s diet at home and am proud to say that my weight has stayed stagnant. I am pretty certain that if i continue to abide by the healthy eating rules i learnt with Meenu i would never have to worry about weight gain again!

Thank you so much Meenu for this inspiration and guidance to follow a health eating lifestyle! 

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I first came to know about Meenu through facebook. I reached out to her earlier this year for primarily two reasons. First was to balance my diet and second was to manage indigestion and acidity problems.
I am happy to share that over the last 5 months I have not only improved my diet and added new variety but also manage to overcome the indigestion issues without compromising on my favourite food. Her diet plan allowed me to not only add more variety and flavour but also I could eat outside on the weekends(insights on healthier ways).She balanced my diet chart every 3-4 weeks to make it interesting while keeping an eye on my weight and food intake.In the last 5 months i have not only reduced 6 kgs but also enjoyed the journey with her.

Thankyou Meenu for your guidance and making this changes in my life.

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My husband lost 20kgs after following Meenu’s diet plan, which acted as a driving force for me to join Meenu’s program. During the program, I lost few kgs on the weighing scale, but inches wise it’s been much greater difference, I can easily fit in my pre pregnancy clothes now. Enrolling for this Program, has been the best investment for our family, whose benefits we’ll reap entire lifetime. Meenu has inculcated in us the habit of regular exercising and eating healthy and nutritious food everyday. She has brought in discipline in our lives, as we try our best to eat on time. We have stopped stocking up our kitchen with biscuits,cakes and other junk food, instead we have replaced it with all healthy alternatives. And the best thing about Meenu’s diet plan is that it’s not boring and repetitive like other diet plans, the diet combinations that she recommends is healthy and yummy too, she also introduced us to many healthy food alternatives that we were not previously aware of. She was always available to clear our doubts, and followed up regularly to check on our diet and exercise, and also shared the importance of early introduction of nutritious and balance diet to my toddler. She’s been a great motivator, and my husband actually calls her a magician who truly helped him achieve something which seemed nearly impossible. Her diet plan also helped me to correct my nutritional deficiencies, hair fall and skin issues. Before starting the diet my husband suffered from extremely high levels of cholesterol, SGPT and SGOT. After following the diet plan, all the above levels are within normal range now, and also helped him to cure his severe gastrointestinal issues. Our weight loss journey with Meenu has been truly amazing, we can’t thank her enough for the support and continuous motivation that she has provided during and after the program as well!

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Meenu’s Diet Plans are filled with Proper amount of nutrition that helps to improve my overall body aspects. While also Providing with Essential nutrients. Meenu is a complete guide to advice,How to lead a Healthier life. She put Healthy Eating suggestions to work in our Daily Iife. 
It was my very pleasure to meet Meenu, who has consulted me How to keep ourselves Fit. Millions of Thanks to her who helped me in shedding those post pregnancy extra numbers. Without loosing the proper nutrition which our body really need.
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Thanks Meenu for helping me in attaining my goal. Your weight loss strategies are superb. I was never convinced that I could loose weight but you assured me. You told the way of mindful eating which is the key to success. Mindful eating and exercising leads to weight control.
Thanks again.

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Ms Meenu I am very thankful to you to help me out in shaping my life into a healthy dome without starving myself. Prior to your consultation I had tried hundred ways to loose weight and managed a bit here and there, but I would always bounce back with lot of health issues but your amazing knowledge and guidance I have achieved my target of weight and understood how to handle my health even when I travel or go to attend functions with lavish spread. You have helped me understand the myths and the truths of healthy lifestyle which will help me in the future .
Thanking you once again.

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