Sonia Mehra | Female | 47years | Home Maker | Singapore

I have known Meenu since 2017, when both my husband and I wanted to opt for a healthy lifestyle  and lose 5 kgs. With Meenu’s persistence and easy to implement diet we were able to accomplish that . Recently in October 2020, I developed a fatty liver, my energy levels, vitamin B12 and ferritin were drastically Low and during this Covid year I barely exercised, as a result put on adiitional 6 kilos. All this contributed to the fatty liver. I had to rectify my eating and lifestyle habits , which Meenu very patiently explained to me.

Meenu knew that I would follow through as she knew I was health conscious and this situation was born out of the Covid situation.

In a matter of a few weeks I started losing weight as she put down these thumb rules: 1) only 2 teaspoons oil for cooking ,2) no sugar and 3) no alcohol. And quite true to what she has always mentioned that 70 percent of our weight loss depends on what we eat and 30 percent  on our exercise. So I began eating a lot of yellow and green vegetables in every meal . Along with 2 fruits in the morning, lots of chutneys, soups and seeds and nuts in appropriate quantities.

There were days when I couldn’t be that honest in following through and I would communicate the same to which she would respond by encouraging me to start afresh. Along with regerating the liver , Meenu also introduced probiotics and was helping me deal with my previous  digestive issues . She allowed me to be flexible but always very watchful:)

I am really happy to report that after following Meenu’s diet for 3 months my liver enzymes are in the normal range, I feel alive as I eat a variety of fresh vegetables,  have more energy, lost 6 kilos and I greatly appreciate the bajra and jowar rotis that she got me started with. I feel Meenu pays close attention to all symptoms, can make one persist as a good coach and is always available for clarification and encouragement. All thanks to her now atleast my breakfasts are tastier along with healthier variety for me and my family.

Deepa Rani Female | 48years | Teacher | Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

My Life 2 years after the Food and Wellness program.

Enrolling with Meenu Aggarwal’s wellness program in March 2019, was one of the best health decisions I’ve made.

Reasons I decided to join Food and Wellness program.

There were two reasons I approached Meenu, severe knee pain and of course weight loss. I never took any supplements and was against the idea because from my perspective I eat a super clean and healthy diet. so, I don’t need any supplements. Before knee pain I was pretty active, playing tennis and hitting the gym almost every day.

During the first consultation she suggested I go through a couple of tests and guess what my results were?:

·       Low HDL

·       Low B12

·       Fasting glucose high

·       Low Vitamin D3

·       Ofcourse abdominal bloating and acidity.

How the Food and wellness program has changed my life

Diet regime started in March 2019, all meal plans were designed by Meenu, for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks. Plans were highly personalized according to my need as my working hours are from 7:30am to 4:00pm. I was supposed to cook in advance at home or get up early in the morning for preparation. I appreciate that breakfast was easy to cook within 6 to 7 min. The most surprising part for me was to eat 5 times a day. I used to eat a proper meal once a day, so at that time I was stubborn about eating 5 times a day. However, she managed to produce research-based evidence that convinced me and this eating produced the promised and long-lasting results on my health and lifestyle. Additionally, she crafted special meals when I was traveling for long time. Along with meals, various supplement were included in the plan, Vitamin D3, B-complex(B12), calcium, omega-3, Vitamin E etc.

Regarding physical activity, she asked me to cover 8km distance brisk walk every day. To be honest with you guys I was thinking why she was asking me to walk 8km when I had such a bad knee. After some time, she suggested using the stationary bike in the gym and so strength was built in muscles, and I managed to walk 5 km in starting and later I was doing 10k steps or 8km a day easily. My blood test report showed improvement within 6 months and my last blood report exceed all my expectations. I was walking without any pain in my knee and I removed the knee band I was using to support the knee and on a normal I walk I now complete10k, steps maximum and 7K steps minimum till date. Additionally, I do approximately 18 flights on stairs every day. During lockdown I got my mum enrolled with her and it’s almost three months now and she is showing tremendous improvement on acidity and her waistline has reduced. Mom will get her blood tested once again when the COVID situation has calmed down.

The other day I was discussing with my mom about how much healthier we are eating now for sure because Meenu’s program had educated us about when, what, and how we should eat!!!

Meenu is highly approachable, which I appreciate, although I no longer regularly consult with her. She is always ready to reply to any questions I have and recently she approved a protein supplement for me for better results after workouts!

Nutritionally and Healthy Yours,



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Keerti Sharma

Hi, hope you are doing good😊 Just wanted to thank you for the major improvement you have caused in my health. I went for my 3 month diabetes check up and my HBA1C is in ideal range, the Dr was very surprised as 6-7 mths ago it was very high and they have started me on stronger medicines.

What is more amazing is that from 1 Sep, I haven’t been to the gym or walks due to my daughter’s PSLE and my diabetes medicines had also finished since last 3 weeks. Despite all that the sugar levels are fairly good is what amazes me the most.

7 mths ago I was struggling every day and was at my wit’s end as to do what to manage my health!

Today I know atleast my weight is consistent and I am not scared to eat. I still have my struggles and I have yet to lose a lot of weight but atleast I am on the right path😊

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Anubha Chauhan | Female | 49years | Singapore

To do or not to do, was the question I wrestled with when I saw my medical report nine months ago. I had high blood sugar levels and a fatty liver syndrome none of which were going away from what I thought were my new “healthy” eating habits. Consultation with doctor only highlighted what I have been trying to put on the back burner for some time. I needed to do something about it.
Fortunately, I met Meenu as a friend and in a social conversation learnt from her that the effects of fatty liver are totally reversible by diet, and blood sugar too could be regulated naturally without help of medications. That spurred me on to think about trying out such a diet, if it existed. Of course, I was apprehensive that any kind of diet would mean huge sacrifices in terms of giving up eating what I liked and surely I would be made to eat bland and tasteless boiled food- a thought I didn’t relish at all. These ideas came from articles in magazines that heralded all sorts of new diet fads, much of it based on Western diets. However, I decided to trust Meenu and follow her customized plan for me. She put in effort to understand what my lifestyle entailed and what my food preferences were before giving me the plan. It came as a huge surprise that actually the plan did NOT expect me to be gobbling boiled veggies and salads only. In fact, it consisted of super delicious Indian food that I adored! And what’s more, after a couple of weeks it started showing results, first and foremost in loss of weight. Intrigued, I couldn’t believe it and got even more motivated to stick to the plan still somewhere expecting the bland vegetables to follow. However, after a while into the plan I realized that I was still eating what I liked but instead every meal became highly nutrient-dense, yet tasty. Meenu crafted meals with balance and proportion that not only brought in the weight loss but also built up my energy levels, stamina and my body started healing itself. Besides the diet, I became aware of the critical importance of exercise. For me, it was walking, yoga and swimming. I was always doing these but hadn’t realized how much was optimum for me. With this program, I became more aware of where I was lacking and needed to focus more. With the recent medical report indicating that my fatty liver is completely reversed and my blood sugar levels are much within desired range, I feel its work in progress. I am grateful to Meenu for showing the way. It has been a journey, yet always the first step in the most difficult one.

Meenu’s program has enriched my life by setting me on the path to health and wellbeing. The thought of doing it alone was very daunting and one never really knows if you are doing it right. Yet with Meenu, I found a friend who supported my
journey all through- from diet plans, to responding to my queries and inviting for her online talks that really expanded my horizon.
The most valuable learning for me was how to be mindful about portion size and quality of food and eat right to stay healthy. What has been priceless is how Meenu empowered me to chart my own path by understanding what is best for my health. From feeling apprehensive to being able to take baby steps on my own is an enormous change. The question ‘To do or not to do’ that started it all; with Meenu it feels like I didn’t have to choose!

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Dilip Kumar | Male Age | 57years | Professional | Singapore

I was fortunate to find a lifestyle coach in Meenu to help me achieve my health goals. Today I have dropped my weight by over 12 kilos and feel much more energetic & healthier. It all started March of 2020… the pandemic restrictions forced me to start new routines to adapt to the changes while staying safe and well for ourselves and community. Starting a new habit is difficult however by finding a purpose and adding 3 new habits with the advisory of Meenu has made me better than before.

I was able to stay accountable to myself by declaring my goals and sharing updates with Meenu and my wife. I continue to build on them in the new year by recycling the 3 habits – Healthy eating (Food choices from Meenu), making physical activity part of my every day and recording daily journal entry.

Many thanks Meenu for helping me double down on self-care.

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Ekta Verma | Female | 43years | Home Maker | Malaysia

I started my lifestyle changes with you after suffering from acidity resulting into migraines. I also have PCOD Issues which made things worse for me during my periods. Last year June  2020 is when I realised I don’t want to continue with it anymore and got in touch with you. Meenu you not only understood my issues but was also patient enough to listen to all my queries and problems before designing a meal plan for me. The diet plan was fully designed keeping my likes and dislikes in mind and never ever I felt like I was starving.

And Now, here I am 6 months later with full control over my acidity and bye bye to my regular migraines. But the best is yet to be written, I have not only controlled these issues but also lost 9 kgs thanks to your continued guidance and support.

Thank you  dear Meenu for everything you have done 🙏🙏

I still remember you coaching me that it is a journey , which I should continue it.

Meenu thanks for gifting me this beautiful lifestyle changes which I am Loving it !!!

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Shikha Sureka Modi Female, Age: 32years. Professional Location: Singapore

As a millennial with a desk job, sedentary life style and a sweet tooth, I have always been chubby since my college days. I was never happy about it but nothing I tried helped. I tried going to the gym, eating “healthy” and various other things to lose weight but never had the consistency and eventually went back to my chubby self with no long term and real results.

Realising I had the onset of obesity-related diseases with 83kgs in weight, I met Meenu in March of 2019, who opened my eyes to the truths of nutrition and  a genuinely healthy lifestyle. She made me realise how the right nutrition and moderation in diet, along with significant lifestyle changes, including exercise and enough sleep, were important. Under her guidance, I never starved. I was eating every 2 -3 hours, which were very filling. Meenu was there to guide me every step of the way and even nudge me subtly when I tended to lose focus or find excuses. She always encouraged us to stay focused on the goal of a healthy way of life for life. And the best part is that her suggestions are not challenging to follow. Today, after shedding 15kgs in weight and so many visible inches, slowly, but for good, I am very grateful to her for being a friend, mentor, and guide in this difficult journey.

Thank you Meenu

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Reena Monteiro | Female | 33years | Professional | Singapore

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude towards the help & guidance you have given me. Below is my testimonial.

I started my weightloss journey last year and was not able to lose weight until i met meenu ji, who has helped me in a way I could not have imagined. She truly is a master in her skill, she is influential and a role model towards eating healthy, she truly has changed my life over the last three months, yes it took me just three months to lose 12 kgs and this was possible only with her help.

I had struggled using google to manage my diet which caused me nothing but more damage, i learnt my lesson and seeked help from a professional who truly got me results, as the saying goes it takes two tango i had the motivation and her help to meet my goals.

She would do regular follow ups on whatsapp & zoom calls, she would reply with genuine concern & motivate you as and when needed, her diet plans were healthy yet yummy she would regard your traditional meals and give a healthy perspective by using the right portion size and balance it well throughout the week, she even helped me pick more healthier brands of food choices & ensured that my food was cooked in the right way to gain maximum nutrition.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart & i really hold you in high regards from this experience.

Thank you to all the people who recommended me her name.



Taranjot Singh Gulati | Male | 41years | Singapore

It has been a very informative interaction and experience working with Doc Meenu Agarwal for 4 months.

When I reached her clinic in Sept 2020,  I was a chronic case suffering from severe uric acid issues. I had so much pain in my knee and had to be put on steroids to stop the uric acid attacks.

Doc Meenu helped me understand the importance of a proper diet without letting go of your favorite items. Post the detailed discussion with her, I was able to myself analyze where I had gone wrong in the last 8 months.

She guided me to make changes in my diet and my sleeping pattern. I did have to stop non veg completely as I had to monitor my daily protein intake, but she helped substitute my diet with healthy and tasty items too. Very soon my attacks stopped completely.

She was always a phone call away whenever I needed guidance whether a certain item was ok for me to eat or not. It is because of this professional guidance that I understood that each one’s body reacts differently to certain food items. I was allergic to some items too.

I became more mindful and alert about the things I ate as well as the quantity and timings. She helped me space out meals better so that I was eating adequately, and also losing weight without drastic changes.

She was insistent that I exercise regularly for a short duration itself. Something that I could fit into my busy work schedule such as a brisk walk or a swim.

Thanks to her, I was able to get rid of the water retention and bloating issues too.

She made and remade special diet plans for me, whenever certain new items did not suit me. Thanks to her intervention, I have a healthier lifestyle now and am 7 kgs down.

I would definitely recommend that those fighting certain health issues, must visit her to take better charge of their lives. Thank you Doc for the timely help and effort you put in to make me get on track. 🙏🙏

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Geetha Vinu | 40 | Homemaker, Singapore , Female

It was an amazing experience to work with Meenu Agarwal who guided me this entire programme.

Before joining this program I used to do intermittent fasting and walking regularly and reduced almost 10 kgs but Always gained those weight back with small break. I realised there is more than just fasting or diet. It was time to seek some professional guidance where I can sustain my results and more over health. Then I came to know about Meenu Agarwal through my friend in Vietnam and still I was double minded whether I should go for it or not. Finally I made my mind and thought of consulting her first. But the moment I finished my discussion with her I was totally inspired and motivated with practical and yet simple approaches she suggested.  So decided I must go for 4 months programme.

The first 3 weeks were difficult to follow the diet But slowly my body started to respond and in no matter of time it’s piece of cake to follow. Didnt face any difficulties further.

I learnt so much in 4 months mainly how to eat, what to eat and when to eat, how much exercise to do, disciplined approach to food, and has given me a different perspective in my life with respect to my health.

I am more conscious of my intake, mindful of food choices and importance of food portion and lost almost 18 kgs in 3 months. Now I feel so light, refreshed, energetic and above all healthy.

Bunch of thanks to Meenu Agarwal. I couldn’t have done this without her.

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