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The mission of Food & Wellness is to help you achieve the possible whilst still enjoying the process of this life changing journey! We are driven by passionate and honest delivery of service to those looking towards  making an everlasting change in their lives.

We not only specialise in provision of disease management, weight loss and weight management programs, but also provide nutrition and lifestyle guidance on key life altering stages such as pregnancy (Conception, prenatal and postnatal guidance), menopause, child nutrition, geriatric nutrition with core emphasis on food as medicine.

We also have a specialised sports nutrition team dealing with nutritional needs of team sport athletes.

The Food & Wellness story

We started our humble beginnings in the year 2014 with just a single performing Dietitian, but through the years, we have evolved into an 8 member team who share the same core principles of providing honest, passionate and ethical nutrition service, the same values that co-founded this emerging company.

Today, we are privileged to have connected with over 7,000 clients, held more than 200 Zoom, Facebook webinars and seminars touching the lives of more than 20,000 people all over the world. We boast a varying client profile from different regions of the world including India, Dubai, Singapore, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Africa, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Indonesia to name a few.

We also have a qualified sports nutrition team that coaches not only the prolific Kolkata state women’s cricket team in India but also the Singapore indoor cricket team.

As a company, we inspire to instill a nutrition centered change in people, one person at a time.

Meet the pioneer behind Food & Wellness
Dietitian Meenu Agarwal

I am a clinical Dietitian in private practise in Singapore & advise clients globally on health and nutrition. I hold a master degree in Dietetics and Food Service Management. I also have a certificate in Nutrition and Child care apart from my graduation in Science.

I specialise in Advising clients on weight Management, medical conditions like diabetes, cancer, acidity, arthritis, Pcod, IBS etc etc. I also advise clients nutrition during pregnancy (Post and Pre), menopause and Children Nutrition. Sports team work with me on sports nutrition and how they can improve player performance by using Nutrition as a tool.

I have been in practise for the last 10 years and served more than 4000 clients worldwide. I have clients from all parts of the world: USA, Hongkong, Africa, India, Dubai, South America, Australia, Europe, UK, Indonesia, Vietnam and UAE.

I regularly contribute my articles online to pateintsengage.com, Utsav, parentcircle.com and Bela magazine in Kuala Lumpur. 

I am the nutrition expert on online parenting magazine called parent circle and also bela ( Malaysia). I write my columns on LinkedIn, Instagram & Facebook to keep my followers updated on my thoughts, motivation messages and other healthy topics.

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At Food & Wellness we believe that every individual is different and needs special attention. We adapt our programme to your existing lifestyle and try not to change anything drastically so you can easily transition. Over a period of time we ensure results and help you restore your health.

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