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Simran Badani | Female | Singapore

I was struggling to lose weight even after having tried many different approaches. I decided to enrol in a 3 month program with Meenu ma’am and I am very pleased with the experience. The diet prescribed to me helped me to lose weight steadily and boost my energy levels.

I also learnt how to eat mindfully. Meenu ma’am gave me suggestions on how to pick healthier food options when eating out. I am glad that myself control has improved. The diet plan was also tailored according to my needs.

Meenu ma’am also guided me on the lifestyle changes that I need to make such as sleeping on time and trying to stay as active as possible.

I am very grateful that I enrolled in this program and definitely recommend anyone who is struggling to lose weight to enrol.

Remya Santhosh | Female | Ghana | Africa

Remya’s Journey to Weight loss and Better Health

I am Remya Santhosh and I stay at Accra, Ghana for the last four and a half years. I was always a connoisseur of food and loved eating various kind of junk and high carb foods. Eventually I started suffering from PCOD and Obesity issues. While I experimented with various other dieting options including keto diet, I found the results getting reversed quickly and the habits not sustaining due to the food choices not appealing to the palate.

I was suggested to approach Dr Meenu Agarwal by one of my friends. At first, I was reluctant because I by then I had almost reached a conclusion that dieting means starving without food and was not sure that it would help to reduce my weight. I had tried exercising regularly but was not getting desired results with that. Finally, I decided to have a online call with Dr Meenu Agarwal just to have a casual discussion. But I feel that was the best decision in my life till date.

In the call Dr Meenu explained very clearly the need to follow a diet and broke my superstition that dieting means starving. She also explained that a major reason for my PCOD issue was the regular intake of junk food. After the call I was convinced that this would work and started following the diet meticulously. Dr Meenu and her team stayed in touch regularly and guided me all along. I could openly discuss with the team regarding all regarding the new diet routine. I was happy to see that the food options mentioned were all like our regular diet and hence I never felt deprived. More encouraging was the start of steady reduction in body weight. The consistent reduction in body weight when I reported every morning was very joyful. I also found tremendous improvement in my PCOD status and subsequently got fully recovered.

I would strongly recommend her to anyone who feels a strong desire to reduce their weight, get in better shape and become healthy in a sustainable way.

Amisha Neogi | Singapore

I am truly grateful to FoodNWellness and especially to Meenu Agarwal, who has been an instrumental force in my post-breast cancer treatment journey. Meenu’s expertise in nutrition and weight management has been an invaluable asset to me as I navigate through the challenges of cancer recovery.

After completing my treatment, I was determined to take control of my health and wellbeing. However, the weight gain caused by my treatment was making it difficult for me to achieve my goals. That’s when I decided to seek Meenu’s guidance.

Meenu is an exceptional nutritionist who combines her scientific knowledge with a compassionate approach to her clients. She understood my unique health needs and created a personalized nutrition and weight management plan that was tailored to my body’s requirements.

Meenu’s support and guidance were crucial to my journey. She was always available to answer my questions, provide motivation, and encourage me to stay committed to my goals. Her expertise in nutrition and weight management was evident, as I started to see tangible results in just a few weeks.

I cannot thank Meenu and the team at FoodNWellness enough for their support and guidance during my weight loss journey. Meenu’s expertise and compassionate approach helped me overcome the challenges of my treatment and empowered me to take control of my health and wellbeing. I would highly recommend Meenu and FoodNWellness to anyone looking for expert guidance and support on their journey towards optimal health.

Jai Kumar | Male | 41 | Singapore

I have been a sportsman since young, But recent years of bad food habits coupled with  a sports injury contributed to gradual increase in body weight. The weight gain reached a tipping point when the scale read 3 digits and my blood results were bad.

I began this journey with Meenu and Mubarra for about 10 months and gradually shredded close to 18Kgs.

The plan is carefully catered for the individual. This is not a short term solution but a journey to make minute life style adjustments.

It helps to clean your food habits and inculcates the importance of eating clean and healthy and the results speaks for itself.

Meenu and Mubarra have been immensely helpful and encouraged me every step of this wonderful journey.

Ankit Tongia | Male | 40 | Professional | Cambodia

I was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in 2019 and had been on multiple medication including steroids since then, which has negatively affected my Physical and mental health and I had a weight loss of 15Kg.

In 2022 I was fortunate to contact Meenu to help me with my dietary plan and my journey for wellness started. Thanks to the program, my IBD has been in remission since then and didn’t had any flair ups.

Meenu and team has been a great support with regular follow up and prompt responses on any query which me or my family members have on any dietary restriction. The diet plan which was given was  customised to my needs and regular available food and vegetables.

I learned through the program that it may be true that IBD cannot be cured through medication but it can be controlled thorough proper diet and exercise.

Thanks to Meenu this has been a fun journey to health and wellbeing.

Shweta Devaria | Singapore
Female, 47 years Singapore

I’m so indebted to Meenu for all the support she has given me in making food healing for me . From being totally lost and confused on what to eat and not to eat ,relationship with food is pretty stabilised now . I have been fighting with leaky gut and food intolerances for years . Meenu understood what I was going through and patiently replied to all my queries . Would recommend people like me to make her a part of their healing journey.
Lots of love and blessings to her and her dedicated team .

Mr. Lalit Aggarwal & Mrs. Jalpa Aggarwal

Testimonial: Group weightloss program

At first, I was not sure about any kind of weightless/ dieting related solutions.
The first reason, my  love for food. I am a munching guys.
For me food can be good or best , but can’t be  bad.
Secondly, my family, especially my wife  had always thought that dieting/following  a specific diet is  only for celebrities.

Being a typical vegetarian family living outside India,  food is  kind of only option to celebrate  our happiness and sometimes to get out of frustrations.

However, We are really thankful to Meenu Aggarwal and her team especially Mubaraa  who changed our perception about food and whatever I mentioned above.

We  got results in three months. My wife and I lost 5 kgs and 10 kgs respectively. Now the diet schedule shared by Food N Wellness team is kind of our part of life.

Even my son ( 12 years) is quite  conscious about  food and health.

The good thing about Food N Wellness team, they understand about our food like / dislike and the way their team supports  and motivates us is really amazing.

Regards to my wife who practically worked it out with the support from Food N Wellness.

Vijay Mohta | 47 | Delhi
Chartered Accountant, ICICI Bank

I am blessed to have been part of Meenu Ma’ams wellness and group weightloss programme. The core of programme is that they are customised and tailor made diet plans which seeks to improve all of your health challenges through scientific nutrition. The team is equally good, and they give you to eat what you like so these programmes are not those where you are supposed to lose the weight by just curbing your meals. she gives you right food at right qty and at right time. She works closely in developing diet plans and counselling patients on special diet modifications based upon nutritional requirements of one’s body. Time to time she also arranges Functional training programs along with the weight loss programme. They focus on Lifestyle changes and thus makes everyone very clear that certain small lifestyle changes contribute much to achieving your weight management goals. Healthiest way of losing weight so that it never bounces back is core of her programmes. I highly recommend her. Continue to do good work Ma’am. thanks.

Brajesh Dhandhania | 57 | Kolkata

My journey from 89 Kg to 69Kg is an amazing one. My friend Madur Mehta saw a recent picture of mine and said I cannot look like this anymore, He then introduced me to Meenu Agarwal. I avoided calling her and didn’t take the matter seriously. My son Eishan who lives in London was here in town and started nagging me to have a word with Meenu.

Finally, the day arrived I fixed an appointment and had a video call with Meenu where we discussed at length my medical issues along with my weight problem. After a lot of deliberations, I took on her 4 months program. My diet chart was sent, and the journey began on 25th of October 2021. With the support of my wife Manisha & son Eishan I was maintaining the chart to the T. I started losing weight. In the beginning it was very rapid. There was a strict day to day monitoring by Meenu and my son who is a fitness freak and knows a lot about dietary plans. Meenu was a big support in the program would call me and advise me on my problems and monitor my sugar levels as well as my BP and weight loss. We would speak at least once a week. After a few days my sugar levels had dropped drastically, and weight loss was rapid. BP had already come down to normal.

I went on a wedding trip and came back with lesser weight. Then was went on 2 holidays and the same results. My HBA1C levels which was 6.7 dropped to 5.9 my fatty liver was also in the process of coming back to normal.

I am proud to say that Meenu has been instrumental in changing my lifestyle and reverse all my problems. I am continuing with the same diet still and being guided by Meenu. Thank you Meenu Manisha and Eishan for changing my lifestyle and my problems.

It’s been amazing working with Meenu.

Sonia Mehra | Female | 47years | Home Maker | Singapore

I have known Meenu since 2017, when both my husband and I wanted to opt for a healthy lifestyle  and lose 5 kgs. With Meenu’s persistence and easy to implement diet we were able to accomplish that . Recently in October 2020, I developed a fatty liver, my energy levels, vitamin B12 and ferritin were drastically Low and during this Covid year I barely exercised, as a result put on adiitional 6 kilos. All this contributed to the fatty liver. I had to rectify my eating and lifestyle habits , which Meenu very patiently explained to me.

Meenu knew that I would follow through as she knew I was health conscious and this situation was born out of the Covid situation.

In a matter of a few weeks I started losing weight as she put down these thumb rules: 1) only 2 teaspoons oil for cooking ,2) no sugar and 3) no alcohol. And quite true to what she has always mentioned that 70 percent of our weight loss depends on what we eat and 30 percent  on our exercise. So I began eating a lot of yellow and green vegetables in every meal . Along with 2 fruits in the morning, lots of chutneys, soups and seeds and nuts in appropriate quantities.

There were days when I couldn’t be that honest in following through and I would communicate the same to which she would respond by encouraging me to start afresh. Along with regerating the liver , Meenu also introduced probiotics and was helping me deal with my previous  digestive issues . She allowed me to be flexible but always very watchful:)

I am really happy to report that after following Meenu’s diet for 3 months my liver enzymes are in the normal range, I feel alive as I eat a variety of fresh vegetables,  have more energy, lost 6 kilos and I greatly appreciate the bajra and jowar rotis that she got me started with. I feel Meenu pays close attention to all symptoms, can make one persist as a good coach and is always available for clarification and encouragement. All thanks to her now atleast my breakfasts are tastier along with healthier variety for me and my family.

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