Praveena (Sherry) Singh | 43 years , Female Teacher, Brisbane

Praveena (Sherry) Singh | 43 years , Female Teacher, Brisbane

Following a balanced and a healthy diet is an uphill task for a person who is not a professional.So somethings are best left to the professionals. Here came Meenu in my case and from hereon she guided and supported me to be able to manage my medical conditions whilst following a diet that was beneficial for me. I was diagnosed with Hypothyroid after the birth of my second child 8yrs ago. It was a series of medical conditions that followed thereafter, IBS and High Blood Pressure being the main villains along with vertigo,iron deficiency and lower back ache being their sidekicks. I was juggling the things on my plate so as to not getting deficient and affected by these lifestyle diseases…….but it was a futile effort. Even after my sincerest efforts I could not balance out my diet on my own. I started gaining weight and losing energy followed by bouts of IBS issues. Also having a family history of Heart disease and Diabetes I didnt want to take chances with my health. Thats when I contacted Meenu. Having seen excellent results with Meenus diet on a very dear friend and her recommendation I chose to go on a diet plan with Meenu. Her recommendations and diet plans structured around my health conditions really helped me correct not only my medical conditions but also make them a way of life. Her guidance , support and motivation helped me lose 7 kgs over a 10 week period and brought my cholesterol levels back to normal. Now the food choices suggested by Meenu are going to stay with me forever.

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