Dia Chakraborty | Female, 36 | Homemaker | Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Dia Chakraborty | Female, 36 | Homemaker | Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

I started off my weight loss journey with Meenu on the 24th of July…she was always a very dear friend of mine so when I was struggling with my weight loss after my pregnancy she was the first person who came to my mind. I knew that she would be the right person because I have always seen her as a sincere & dedicated person and I had complete faith in her. That is what is very important I feel when you consult a nutritionist you have to have full faith in her & follow her advise. I started off with a weight of 67.5. My goal was to try to get to 60kgs in 3 months. I started off with her diet plan and tried to follow that diligently along with strength training which I was already doing before. Meenu was constantly supporting me & checking my weight every week…she was giving the necessary advise which I needed & also she was answering all my queries. After 2 weeks my weight came down to 65 but then it slowed down. I was little puzzled because I was following the diet, doing the necessary exercises but then what was going wrong. Meenu knew that I was doing strength training. Initially she had told me once that I should start off with cardio & stop strength at the moment but I was not very convinced & I continued with my strength training. But when my weight was not moving after 65 she called me up one night and told me specifically that if I want to lose weight I have to concentrate on cardio & stop strength. That conversation was very motivating and I was totally convinced. Next day onwards along with the diet I started off my cardio 60 mins every day on the treadmill and then I didn’t look back. I was losing weight and feeling extremely fit & happy. One thing is for sure Meenu has definitely changed my life…I feel a lot more confident, fit and happy. The lethargic feeling is no longer there. Meenu’s diet is a very balanced diet…she doesn’t recommend any crash diet or no carbs diet…you will get all the nutritions from her diet and also you will learn to choose your food properly. Once you start losing weight you will no longer feel like binging on sweets and fried food and other junk food. She is always there to advise you if you are having any problem like gas or acidity…she will modify the diet for you depending on your health problems. She has been the sole motivation behind my weight loss and I am extremely happy and satisfied with her diet. Her diet helps you to lose weight as well as maintain the glow on your face unlike the other crash diets. Crash diets will help you to lose weight fast but you will look sick, your face will look pale and the main thing is once you stop the crash diet you will gain double the amount you lost. That is where Meenu’s diet stands out. Her diet is sustainable and healthy and that is what we need. Thank you so much Meenu for helping me. I am grateful to you. You have definitely changed my life.

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