Anubha Chauhan | Female | 49years | Singapore

Anubha Chauhan | Female | 49years | Singapore

To do or not to do, was the question I wrestled with when I saw my medical report nine months ago. I had high blood sugar levels and a fatty liver syndrome none of which were going away from what I thought were my new “healthy” eating habits. Consultation with doctor only highlighted what I have been trying to put on the back burner for some time. I needed to do something about it.
Fortunately, I met Meenu as a friend and in a social conversation learnt from her that the effects of fatty liver are totally reversible by diet, and blood sugar too could be regulated naturally without help of medications. That spurred me on to think about trying out such a diet, if it existed. Of course, I was apprehensive that any kind of diet would mean huge sacrifices in terms of giving up eating what I liked and surely I would be made to eat bland and tasteless boiled food- a thought I didn’t relish at all. These ideas came from articles in magazines that heralded all sorts of new diet fads, much of it based on Western diets. However, I decided to trust Meenu and follow her customized plan for me. She put in effort to understand what my lifestyle entailed and what my food preferences were before giving me the plan. It came as a huge surprise that actually the plan did NOT expect me to be gobbling boiled veggies and salads only. In fact, it consisted of super delicious Indian food that I adored! And what’s more, after a couple of weeks it started showing results, first and foremost in loss of weight. Intrigued, I couldn’t believe it and got even more motivated to stick to the plan still somewhere expecting the bland vegetables to follow. However, after a while into the plan I realized that I was still eating what I liked but instead every meal became highly nutrient-dense, yet tasty. Meenu crafted meals with balance and proportion that not only brought in the weight loss but also built up my energy levels, stamina and my body started healing itself. Besides the diet, I became aware of the critical importance of exercise. For me, it was walking, yoga and swimming. I was always doing these but hadn’t realized how much was optimum for me. With this program, I became more aware of where I was lacking and needed to focus more. With the recent medical report indicating that my fatty liver is completely reversed and my blood sugar levels are much within desired range, I feel its work in progress. I am grateful to Meenu for showing the way. It has been a journey, yet always the first step in the most difficult one.

Meenu’s program has enriched my life by setting me on the path to health and wellbeing. The thought of doing it alone was very daunting and one never really knows if you are doing it right. Yet with Meenu, I found a friend who supported my
journey all through- from diet plans, to responding to my queries and inviting for her online talks that really expanded my horizon.
The most valuable learning for me was how to be mindful about portion size and quality of food and eat right to stay healthy. What has been priceless is how Meenu empowered me to chart my own path by understanding what is best for my health. From feeling apprehensive to being able to take baby steps on my own is an enormous change. The question ‘To do or not to do’ that started it all; with Meenu it feels like I didn’t have to choose!

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