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Well today I’m going to share my weight loss journey with you all. However, before I start, to share with you why I underwent this. 4 years back my medical report indicated that my cholesterol is high and my thyroid is not normal immediately after that my family doctor prescribed medicines which I continued taking it recently. Though, it may not sound life threatening or you may not realize in start but slowly-slowly your body starts tiring and more importantly even before you realize you become habitual of this new medicated lifestyle and everything seem normal after that. When this happens, I tell you my friends you start bluffing yourself saying “It’s Okay! so what everyone is having medication for this or that.”

True Realization of yourself is a must, same as rest of all I never realized that I’m obese. Later in 2017 I started realizing that in what a bad shape I’m in. I was not able to enjoy with my kid in any game, my body was tired all the time, body size grew exponentially and it seem that I’m going into hibernation..hehehe. I’m big fan of Cricket, not only love to watch but an active player as well. During one match in just 15 minutes my body was extremely tired, my breathing became heavy though I was at ground trying to continue but my body isn’t. And after that worst happened, I collapsed on the ground and remained unconscious for almost 30-45 minutes. That was the day when I realized I’ve do something about it, I just can’t accept the fact that I’m obese, medications are now part of my life and just simply give up.

Though I was determined but I didn’t wanted to just search one random diet plan from google and start following, or I just get inspired with some fancy weight loss success story from internet. In order to follow right and best path one must establish ‘What you want to achieve?’. I was certain that I just don’t to lose weight but actually I want to get Healthy, which many people don’t realize and that’s the reason their path chosen may not help them to achieve success.

Having said that, fortunately I came to know about Dr. Meenu Agarwal and heard few of her conversations on TV as well as on web. Decided to give it a try I booked an appointment and while awaiting for my turn a lot of things was going in my mind. How much less I’ve to eat, what will I do if I feel hungry still, etc.etc. Honestly, how wrong I was, was very clear in first 10 mins when I spoke with her. Whole concept and meaning of diet plan was changed in my mind and I realized that how wrong I was to assume that diet plan means ‘eat less’ but in actual it’s completely opposite instead diet plan means ‘eating right’. Most important thing that you just can’t wake up one morning and adapt to whatever random plan available on internet, it’s a MUST that you visit nutritionist because every diet plan must be based on your body structure and metabolism.

Best results can only be achieved if you have best mentor, that’s what exactly happened with me. Dr. Meenu showed a lot of patience and based on my body structure, medication, metabolism she prepared a diet plan for me. Very first thing she made me realized is to set a goal, where she helped me to set a goal not to just lose weight instead get healthy in order to get rid of chronic medication in next 1 year. When first time I saw the plan I was in doubt whether it will really help, plan is actually to eat everything which I’m eating right now with just slight changes such as eating after every 2 hours, drinking water before starting a meal so that you never end up overeating and most importantly to start enjoying my food by getting rid of TV & Mobile while having meal. Best guidance what I saw from Dr. Meenu is that she will be with you throughout your journey unlike rest where plan is the output whether one achieves the goal or not doesn’t matter. This was not the case with Dr. Meenu and I really admire her for being a true coach. She ensured that we not only diligently follow the plan but also ourselves feel the priority of it.

I still remember clearly the very first day of my journey I weighed 102.8 Kgs, disappointed but not lost hope and started the path of betterment. I use to update my daily empty stomach weight with Dr. Meenu so that she can adjust the plan accordingly which is a wonderful thing. Because it may happen that your body doesn’t respond to same way as expected when you initially start the plan. Thus continuous monitoring is imperative and Dr. Meenu hand held us excellently. During this journey I realized how simple tricks can do wonders, such as drinking adequate quantity of water, having your meals timely, etc. Other most important aspect of dieting is exercise where we all do have a big illusion that we had to exercise a lot but you know what I hardly did any exercise instead just brisk walk on daily basis of around 7-8 Km.

As the time passed, not only I started losing weight but I started feeling energetic and more active. At cricket field I was able to run without huffing and puffing, I was able to spend entire day on field without getting tired whereas previously I was not able to stand continuously for even 15-20 minutes. With this continuous uphill progress in just span of 6 months I underwent medical examination and that was the day I was most joyous came out of clinic after many long years. My cholesterol was normal, my thyroid was normal too. My whole body shown is good shape in the report. This is the best result one could ever want, and even before completion of 1 year I managed to get rid of regular medication successfully. After 1 year I’m weighing 85.2 Kgs which is 17.6 Kgs lower from where I started, importantly I proudly say that I don’t take any chronic medication or supplements now, I proudly say that I’m Healthy.

In the end, just want to say that don’t lose weight to fight against numbers instead lose weight to get Healthy. Lastly, don’t fall to any diet plan which are available on internet meet the right Coach who can guide you, have vision on what you want to achieve not what he/she wants to achieve and most importantly Be With You throughout the journey of your Success.


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