Santhosh Kumar Gowda | 42years | Senior Executive | Singapore

I was diagnosed during a routine medical check up with high cholesterol,high triglycerides,fatty liver and obese with BMI of 28.5! I also discovered that am diabetic and double the normal range of fasting sugar levels! I had no symptoms whatsoever and this was a rude shock. I was prescribed various medicines by my docs at parkways. Very reluctantly on recommendation from a common Friend and lot of coercing from my Wife I enrolled for 10 week diet course with dietician Meenu Agarwal. I was a foodie and used to eat at least one big meal outside daily so what Meenu prescribed was dramatic change in my regular routine and food habits. Given I was vegetarian and the magnitude of various health conditions it was great to see Meenu accept the challenge and come up with a diet plan. But thanks to perservance and efforts from my Wife and given I did not want to take medicines I followed the diet course rigoursly as also made changes to my daily routine which now included brisk walking for 1 hour a day as also proper sleep. Every meal of mine is planned and prepared basis meenu’s diet plan and hats off to my Wife for enabling and preparing food as per plan. It was tough for first week but after that your body does not crave for food and gets adjusted. Meenu also kept track of progress almost on a daily basis and was always available for clarifications and encouragement. In 10 weeks all my health conditions has returned to normal! Sugar levels down from 12 to 7 and most people can’t recognise me as I have lost 10kgs only downside is my waist shrunk by 6inch as belly fat melted costing me a lot on my new wardrobe! I give credit to Meenu agarwal for this transformation and keep up the great work. I strongly recommend to take her diet plan for a healthy living. Cheers!

Dia Chakraborty | Female, 36 | Homemaker | Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

I started off my weight loss journey with Meenu on the 24th of July…she was always a very dear friend of mine so when I was struggling with my weight loss after my pregnancy she was the first person who came to my mind. I knew that she would be the right person because I have always seen her as a sincere & dedicated person and I had complete faith in her. That is what is very important I feel when you consult a nutritionist you have to have full faith in her & follow her advise. I started off with a weight of 67.5. My goal was to try to get to 60kgs in 3 months. I started off with her diet plan and tried to follow that diligently along with strength training which I was already doing before. Meenu was constantly supporting me & checking my weight every week…she was giving the necessary advise which I needed & also she was answering all my queries. After 2 weeks my weight came down to 65 but then it slowed down. I was little puzzled because I was following the diet, doing the necessary exercises but then what was going wrong. Meenu knew that I was doing strength training. Initially she had told me once that I should start off with cardio & stop strength at the moment but I was not very convinced & I continued with my strength training. But when my weight was not moving after 65 she called me up one night and told me specifically that if I want to lose weight I have to concentrate on cardio & stop strength. That conversation was very motivating and I was totally convinced. Next day onwards along with the diet I started off my cardio 60 mins every day on the treadmill and then I didn’t look back. I was losing weight and feeling extremely fit & happy. One thing is for sure Meenu has definitely changed my life…I feel a lot more confident, fit and happy. The lethargic feeling is no longer there. Meenu’s diet is a very balanced diet…she doesn’t recommend any crash diet or no carbs diet…you will get all the nutritions from her diet and also you will learn to choose your food properly. Once you start losing weight you will no longer feel like binging on sweets and fried food and other junk food. She is always there to advise you if you are having any problem like gas or acidity…she will modify the diet for you depending on your health problems. She has been the sole motivation behind my weight loss and I am extremely happy and satisfied with her diet. Her diet helps you to lose weight as well as maintain the glow on your face unlike the other crash diets. Crash diets will help you to lose weight fast but you will look sick, your face will look pale and the main thing is once you stop the crash diet you will gain double the amount you lost. That is where Meenu’s diet stands out. Her diet is sustainable and healthy and that is what we need. Thank you so much Meenu for helping me. I am grateful to you. You have definitely changed my life.

Sonia Mehra | Female | 43years | Home maker | Singapore

Meenu this was long overdue;);).. my experience of following your diet plan for 3 months helped me reach my target weight , I lost 5 kgs and a further 2 kg more even after completing the diet session. I always believed that my bootcamp or hardcore cardio could help me lose weight but that did not help much. With your diet plan many eating habits have been corrected –
a) i have drastically dropped sugar from food, except sugar that i consume in fruits, this life style change has greatly helped me in stabilising my new weight.
b) i now choose sensibly, both what to eat daily and when i am travelling and how i can balance the excess with cardio or exercises the next day.
Most of all what i have loved about you is your time and concern for answering queries, especially when i was anxious about weight loss and you explained the role of hormones in this. Plus you’ve always been there helping me with diet suggestions for recurring ailments, even after my session got over with you. Also i am genuinely touched by your concern for a very dear relative of mine, for planning out his diet and closely following up:):)Thanks a lot and  šŸ™‚ You are truly passionate about your work and doing great good to a lot of us:):) — feeling happy.

Majari Singh |  Female | 30 Years | Home maker

I would like to thank you for recomending me this extremely wonderful diet plan . Your diet has helped me try out new foods that I had never thought i will eat, Customised approach to diet makes me stick to the diet plan without any concerns that I will not be able to follow. You have always been very supportive, helpful and easily approachable. I have realized the importance of taking a balanced diet and how it has helped me over the course of 3 months make me very happy about following this diet plan. I had been looking for something which works for my skin and overall health, i am extremely happy with the results and have become more conscious about what i eat , my lifestyle, excercise after following your diet plan and it has overall worked well for me. Your program has definitely made me more mindful and watchful of my eating habits also reiterating the fact that our bodies need nourishment and exercise for the overall wellbeing. Thanks alot for all the support and guidance. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who would like to indulge in healthy food for skin and the overall health.

Mili Manek | Female | Teacher | Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Hi everyone! I have been overweight for ever since I can remember, so when I bumped into a friend Preeti who mentioned about this program and about another friend Dia who had achieved great results through this, I was really excited. Thus began my journey with Ms. Meenu Agarwal, without who I couldn’t have reached milestones and enjoyed weight loss so much.Thank you Meenu for being there as a guide, sos help, motivator to keep me going and always filling us in with information. Working on this plan with you not only got me down in kgs but also made me feel energetic, love and respect my body and above all gave me and my family great habits for a life time. It also taught me a whole new approach to exercise n food. Got me to choose wisely and kept me full at the same time. Thanks once again for everything and helping my dream to be healthier n fitter come true šŸ™‚

Sangeeta Rajkhowa | Female | 30 Years | Teacher | Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

A good doctor and an even better dietitian/nutritionist are two vital pillars if you have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). I learnt this the hard way. Being diagnosed with PCOS, I had a tough time losing weight (even though I was regular at the gym) and having a regular menstrual cycle. The doctors I initially visited packed me off with a couple of birth control pills (to regularize periods) and asked me to lose weight not explaining how to do that!! However last year December, I came across a right doctor who did a detailed health profile check of mine and tried to address the underlying issues. It was also suggested that I seek professional help for my diet.
Around this same time I came to know about Meenu Agarwal from friends. To be honest, I was skeptical about approaching a nutritionist/dietitian because I feared it was going to be all “no carbs”, “gluten free”, “dairy free” etc which are typical PCOS diets. My body just did not agree with those! So when the first time I spoke with Meenu, I was surprised to hear that she is not going to give any such thing. I also appreciate her honesty in admitting that because of PCOS she does not guarantee losing “this many kilos in this many days”. However she assured that she will devise ways, make changes in my diet after assessing how my body responds to it. So I started with her in March this year. Along with regular exercise and the diet when I saw that scale coming down, I was ecstatic! The USP of the diet was that it consisted of very common ingredients, nothing fancy and something that agreed with my taste buds. So far I have lost around 5.5 kgs( great for my standards) but the greater take away here is that my cycles are more regular now and I could not be happier. I would like to thank Meenu and Food and Wellness for helping me to start off on the right track. Kudos!!

Mona Kulkarni | 45 years | Home maker | Singapore

I embarked on a weight loss journey in a quest to lower my thyroid and high cholesterol levels. The duo played havoc in my life making it impregnable to reach my target weight. Amidst this I found a ray of hope with nutritionist Meenu Agarwal. I lost around 4.7 kg in 6 weeks under her watchful eye. Her diet not only gave me a sense of nourishment but also raised my energy levels by no bounds making it an enriching experience. My cravings for sweets and deep fried foods vanished with her simple and day to day usedrecipes. The daily exercise routine induced more vigour and vitality in my life. She has been a great motivator in times when I felt I was stuck at a particular point. I highly recommend her diet plan and encouragement. She is just a WhatsApp call away.

Mrs. Renu Agarwal | Home Maker | Age: 36| Brisbane, Australia

Recently I found out that I was having hyper tension and acidity because of which I use to have headaches. I am overweight too. I desperately needed to take action and reduce my weight. Meenu Agarwal helped me. She gave me a very easy to follow diet with things to eat which we usually all have it at home. It’s been 3 weeks since I have started and have lost 4 kg since. I haven’t lost this much ever for the past 15 years. I feel so much better about myself. It’s a long way still but I am very happy with this small achievement all thanks to Meenu.

Shibaji Bose | Age 40 years | Investment Consultant | Kolkata, India

When do you look out for a dietician? When you make an extra effort to tie your shoe lace, bending down or when your elderly aunt no longer insists on serving one more helping! What do you do? You look out for someone who will hear you out. Someone who will offer you solutions well within your reach. Someone who will put herself in your shoes to understand you and your lifestyle. Someone who remains with you as your Coach to reclaim the wellness. I found my COACH in Ms. Meenu Agarwal. I am being mentored on why and how do I get back in shape! Stop worrying about your waistline and seek this immensely personalised collaborative approach from Meenu. You will be taking your first step to realise the meaning of wellness.

Gayathri Sriram | Age: 37 | Home Maker | Singapore

Hi thanks for guiding me Meenu. It works out nicely as per your schedule time table I am following in my day today life. Also I will tell some of my friends about this.

Mr. Pradeep Jalan | Age-40 years | Director: Win Pens | Delhi, India

I pradeep jalan director of win pens I recommend Meenu for wellness programme I have been on a wellness programme of meenu agarwal on weight loss and management of hypothoridism over the last 2 months . I have lost 7 kgs over the last 2.5 months and feel more energetic and happy with my body. The programme is simple and is easy to follow . It is based on our current lifestyle and habits. She guides me on the way to eat, what to eat and in what quantity. Its not a starvation diet. The programme has completely changed the way I look my lifestyle and I have become more conscious of what is good and what is bad for me and health.

Ava Saha | Age-45 years, CA, Dubai, UAE

Hi ,I am on week two of this diet and it is going very well.I have lost 3 kgs after the second week.I lost weight following this well balanced diet in a healthy way and get planned nutrition required by my body. Infact I have started eating more and still shredded those extra kgs. I feel more active and energetic now.The combination of real, nutritious food with exercise and walk is without doubt the best thing you can do for your body. Will be starting the third week diet plan from tomorrow and hope to reach my target weight soon .

Mr. Shameek Bhattacharya

A diet can be prescribed by any practioner. What makes Minu different and special is the fact that she chases you to ensure that the diet she prescribes is adhered to. Constant follow up, analysing the weekly readings, perpetual eggings to motivate you to follow the diet. These are the qualities that makes her stand out from the rest. I lost loads from where I had been (78.4 kgs) on 20 Feb. Heaps of thanks to her and her constant follow up.

Jaya Khanduri | Female | 42yrs | Home maker | Singapore

Meenu’s diet plans are wholesome focusing more on the content than quantity. Keeping in mind the nutritional requirements of individual’s body, she draws out the plans. And these plans are easy to follow which makes them more effective.

Prity Johari | 43years | Female | Teacher | Ho chi Minh City, Vietnam

Losing weight has always been a tough task for me. I have tried many things like gymming, zumba, cardio exercises, weight training, strength training, no sugar diet, etc. But could not continue any of those due to hectic work schedule, post workout weakness and monotonocity. I lost all hopes and accepted that I will have to stay fat all my life. Even an astrologer told me that I will never be able to lose weight XD
Then I met my friend Diya at a party. I was astonished by her transformation. After losing weight she looked not only amazing but also fit and healthy. She told me about Ms. Meenu Agrawal.
In the first conversation with Meenu, my biggest query and concern was that I should not lose interest in food over a period of time which happens in many other diet plans. When the first diet plan was received I was amazed to see my favourite Poha in breakfast and dil se favourite rice for lunch.
Actually Meenu’s diet means variety of food, not feeling hungry at all, interesting recipes and most of all not losing interest in food even after three months. I have completed three months today and have lost 9kgs. I didn’t feel any kind of weakness while following her diet plan. The best part about this diet is that it is customized and you get to eat everything in moderation. I feel more fit, energetic and healthier ( frequent headaches have disappeared) than ever before. I get compliments from my colleagues, friends and relatives. In my experience I have found this diet plan highly effective, safe and fruitful. I would gladly recommend this plan to anyone who wants to lose weight without undergoing any kind of stress.

Anonymous | Student Grade 10 | Singapore

The weight loss journey has been an enriching and a desirable one indeed. While it has allowed to me achieve my body goals, it has also taught me an important lesson on healthy living- one that I’ll never forget from here on.
I was able to lose 12kg, not by starving, but by making the right food options and exercising regularly. In fact, systematic diet allowed me to stay full yet guilt- free of gaining weight. Through this journey, I learnt that while we may experience temptations once in a while for short- term pleasures, but giving in to those temptations might will affect us in the long- term.

With the help of Meenu Aunty, I was able to sustain a healthy diet in a convenient way and now that I come to think of it, healthy eating has become a integral lifestyle option for me.

Amita Malik | 60yrs | Female | Homemaker | Singapore.

I really want to thank you for the help which I got from your diet recommendation… I was really trying very hard to loose weight and more so to have better and healthy eating habits .. then to my good luck I consulted you …… ever since I have taken a diet plan from you … which was so much in detail that I just had to read and follow. ….my lifestyle has changed ever since…….I have become more conscious of what I eat which is working beautifully for me … I have more energy …there are some bad days but with your help I have managed well….Meenu you have been a very helpful and motivating person whenever I needed you …. you were there to guide … thank you so much and to all the people I will highly recommend Meenu because she is a good Nutritionist no doubt and also a wonderful human being and all this I am talking from my personal experience…..Thank you Meenu for helping me.

Anonymous client | Female Age 40 | Home Maker Singapore

Losing weight and being healthy is a battle we all are fighting at some point or the other in our lives.I struggled for the last 2-3 years trying to out exercise  by weight  and being healthy.  I tried everything from long walks, low carb food with super frustration that nothing was working. Meenus guidance , routine follow up and discipline got me good results. I cant thank you enough for  helping me achieve what I wanted . You are a constant source of motivation an guidance through your face book page and always available for support to her clients.

Anonymous | Male 39 years  | Senior Executive | Singapore

The Program is quite nice with not a huge pressure on the body and is relatively easy to do. With a bit of self  discipline , it can work well on the body. I found it useful and had good initial results. Challenge is to maintain momentum but that’s a individual discipline challenge. Definitely recommend this over other crash diets that’s are available on the internet.