Taranjot Singh Gulati | Male | 41years | Singapore

Taranjot Singh Gulati | Male | 41years | Singapore

It has been a very informative interaction and experience working with Doc Meenu Agarwal for 4 months.

When I reached her clinic in Sept 2020,  I was a chronic case suffering from severe uric acid issues. I had so much pain in my knee and had to be put on steroids to stop the uric acid attacks.

Doc Meenu helped me understand the importance of a proper diet without letting go of your favorite items. Post the detailed discussion with her, I was able to myself analyze where I had gone wrong in the last 8 months.

She guided me to make changes in my diet and my sleeping pattern. I did have to stop non veg completely as I had to monitor my daily protein intake, but she helped substitute my diet with healthy and tasty items too. Very soon my attacks stopped completely.

She was always a phone call away whenever I needed guidance whether a certain item was ok for me to eat or not. It is because of this professional guidance that I understood that each one’s body reacts differently to certain food items. I was allergic to some items too.

I became more mindful and alert about the things I ate as well as the quantity and timings. She helped me space out meals better so that I was eating adequately, and also losing weight without drastic changes.

She was insistent that I exercise regularly for a short duration itself. Something that I could fit into my busy work schedule such as a brisk walk or a swim.

Thanks to her, I was able to get rid of the water retention and bloating issues too.

She made and remade special diet plans for me, whenever certain new items did not suit me. Thanks to her intervention, I have a healthier lifestyle now and am 7 kgs down.

I would definitely recommend that those fighting certain health issues, must visit her to take better charge of their lives. Thank you Doc for the timely help and effort you put in to make me get on track. 🙏🙏

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