Sowjanya Female, Age: 36years Executive Singapore

Sowjanya Female, Age: 36years Executive Singapore

Meenu is really good at her craft. She is very knowledgeable and provides multiple alternatives to choose from. Having dealt with weight issues for as long as iIcould remember, Ihad almost given up hope about loosing weight. Dropping the kilos was always a challenge despite eating consciously and working out 3-4 times a week.

Meenu’s program is a very healthy way of loosing weight. It moved me away from processed protein shakes to more healthy alternative. I eat lot of fruits and vegetables now . Also, it is a balanced diet approach and hence a more sustainable  way to continue to maintain your weight.

I have lost a total of 8 kgs during the 12 week program I signed up for. The regular updates really help to keep you on track and be disciplined about food and exercise.  I would fully recommend signing up and am pretty confident you will have good results. Thank you for everything Meenu 🙂 

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