Sonia Mehray | Female | 47years | Home Maker | Singapore

Sonia Mehray | Female | 47years | Home Maker | Singapore

I have known Meenu since 2017, when both my husband and I wanted to opt for a healthy lifestyle  and lose 5 kgs. With Meenu’s persistence and easy to implement diet we were able to accomplish that . Recently in October 2020, I developed a fatty liver, my energy levels, vitamin B12 and ferritin were drastically Low and during this Covid year I barely exercised, as a result put on adiitional 6 kilos. All this contributed to the fatty liver. I had to rectify my eating and lifestyle habits , which Meenu very patiently explained to me.

Meenu knew that I would follow through as she knew I was health conscious and this situation was born out of the Covid situation.

In a matter of a few weeks I started losing weight as she put down these thumb rules: 1) only 2 teaspoons oil for cooking ,2) no sugar and 3) no alcohol. And quite true to what she has always mentioned that 70 percent of our weight loss depends on what we eat and 30 percent  on our exercise. So I began eating a lot of yellow and green vegetables in every meal . Along with 2 fruits in the morning, lots of chutneys, soups and seeds and nuts in appropriate quantities.

There were days when I couldn’t be that honest in following through and I would communicate the same to which she would respond by encouraging me to start afresh. Along with regerating the liver , Meenu also introduced probiotics and was helping me deal with my previous  digestive issues . She allowed me to be flexible but always very watchful:)

I am really happy to report that after following Meenu’s diet for 3 months my liver enzymes are in the normal range, I feel alive as I eat a variety of fresh vegetables,  have more energy, lost 6 kilos and I greatly appreciate the bajra and jowar rotis that she got me started with. I feel Meenu pays close attention to all symptoms, can make one persist as a good coach and is always available for clarification and encouragement. All thanks to her now atleast my breakfasts are tastier along with healthier variety for me and my family.

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