Shikha Sureka Modi Female, Age: 32years. Professional Location: Singapore

Shikha Sureka Modi Female, Age: 32years. Professional Location: Singapore

As a millennial with a desk job, sedentary life style and a sweet tooth, I have always been chubby since my college days. I was never happy about it but nothing I tried helped. I tried going to the gym, eating “healthy” and various other things to lose weight but never had the consistency and eventually went back to my chubby self with no long term and real results.

Realising I had the onset of obesity-related diseases with 83kgs in weight, I met Meenu in March of 2019, who opened my eyes to the truths of nutrition and  a genuinely healthy lifestyle. She made me realise how the right nutrition and moderation in diet, along with significant lifestyle changes, including exercise and enough sleep, were important. Under her guidance, I never starved. I was eating every 2 -3 hours, which were very filling. Meenu was there to guide me every step of the way and even nudge me subtly when I tended to lose focus or find excuses. She always encouraged us to stay focused on the goal of a healthy way of life for life. And the best part is that her suggestions are not challenging to follow. Today, after shedding 15kgs in weight and so many visible inches, slowly, but for good, I am very grateful to her for being a friend, mentor, and guide in this difficult journey.

Thank you Meenu

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