Shailendra Taneja | 43 years Male | Senior Executive, Singapore

Shailendra Taneja | 43 years Male | Senior Executive, Singapore

A casual walk to the Annual medical check-up, lands up with a surprise of ‘High Cholestrol level’ – wondering if the results were accurate and could this happen to someone who is just 64 kgs and jogging routinely.

Shared this with my wife and without informing me she booked an appointment with Meenu (one of the few right things she did ). The thought of going to dietician irritated me with images of boiled food and leaf vegetables and recommendation on life style changes that might be difficult to follow.

Cut 2 – I was with Meenu in her office explaining about my routines and eating habits – turns out beside my active exercising routine the choices of my food and Eating patterns were quite unhealthy and erratic to say the least. Started a 3-month program with her which included changes to my palate and eating pattern – over the period of 3 months went thru 3 different diet routines given by her. This had an immediate impact – within first few weeks, my weight came down further and at the same time I was feeling quite active and healthy. The best part was the choices of food given were something which I can easily follow repeatedly. Over the period of 3 months, eating consciously and healthy food (does not mean salads all the time) became a happy habit. The Lipid profile results were excellent and back to a very healthy state.

Thanks, Meenu for institutionalizing this positive change!

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