I was diagnosed during a routine medical check up with high cholesterol,high triglycerides,fatty liver and obese with BMI of 28.5! I also discovered that am diabetic and double the normal range of fasting sugar levels! I had no symptoms whatsoever and this was a rude shock. I was prescribed various medicines by my docs at parkways. Very reluctantly on recommendation from a common Friend and lot of coercing from my Wife I enrolled for 10 week diet course with dietician Meenu Agarwal. I was a foodie and used to eat at least one big meal outside daily so what Meenu prescribed was dramatic change in my regular routine and food habits. Given I was vegetarian and the magnitude of various health conditions it was great to see Meenu accept the challenge and come up with a diet plan. But thanks to perservance and efforts from my Wife and given I did not want to take medicines I followed the diet course rigoursly as also made changes to my daily routine which now included brisk walking for 1 hour a day as also proper sleep. Every meal of mine is planned and prepared basis meenu’s diet plan and hats off to my Wife for enabling and preparing food as per plan. It was tough for first week but after that your body does not crave for food and gets adjusted. Meenu also kept track of progress almost on a daily basis and was always available for clarifications and encouragement. In 10 weeks all my health conditions has returned to normal! Sugar levels down from 12 to 7 and most people can’t recognise me as I have lost 10kgs only downside is my waist shrunk by 6inch as belly fat melted costing me a lot on my new wardrobe! I give credit to Meenu agarwal for this transformation and keep up the great work. I strongly recommend to take her diet plan for a healthy living. Cheers!

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