A good doctor and an even better dietitian/nutritionist are two vital pillars if you have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). I learnt this the hard way. Being diagnosed with PCOS, I had a tough time losing weight (even though I was regular at the gym) and having a regular menstrual cycle. The doctors I initially visited packed me off with a couple of birth control pills (to regularize periods) and asked me to lose weight not explaining how to do that!! However last year December, I came across a right doctor who did a detailed health profile check of mine and tried to address the underlying issues. It was also suggested that I seek professional help for my diet.
Around this same time I came to know about Meenu Agarwal from friends. To be honest, I was skeptical about approaching a nutritionist/dietitian because I feared it was going to be all “no carbs”, “gluten free”, “dairy free” etc which are typical PCOS diets. My body just did not agree with those! So when the first time I spoke with Meenu, I was surprised to hear that she is not going to give any such thing. I also appreciate her honesty in admitting that because of PCOS she does not guarantee losing “this many kilos in this many days”. However she assured that she will devise ways, make changes in my diet after assessing how my body responds to it. So I started with her in March this year. Along with regular exercise and the diet when I saw that scale coming down, I was ecstatic! The USP of the diet was that it consisted of very common ingredients, nothing fancy and something that agreed with my taste buds. So far I have lost around 5.5 kgs( great for my standards) but the greater take away here is that my cycles are more regular now and I could not be happier. I would like to thank Meenu and Food and Wellness for helping me to start off on the right track. Kudos!!

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