I had always been on the leaner side but due to work schedule and life style, I had a sudden weight gain and no matter how much I tried to control it in addition to the high intensity workouts 5 days a week, the graph just went upwards. I never use to eat anything unhealthy, no frozen/fried food but some how was just not able to get around the weight gain.
I have known Meenu for about 10 years and am connected with her via Facebook. I use to get the healthy tips and updates from her daily posts which finally made me contact her to get some advice. I must say, that was one of the best decisions I ever took. On the first call, she gave me tips on how to have a regulated daily diet, portion size and intervals. She also explained me an option to get a more formal daily 3 month meal plan that may help me with the unstoppable weight gain but never pushed me to sign up for that and I chose to go with it. Just in few days she sent me a complete plan which was very easy to follow. I was in touch with her on a daily basis and she was always there if I needed anything. Given my work, sleep schedule, it took some time but it did work . I am almost there where I never thought will be able to reach.
I can’t thank Meenu enough for helping me out. I am so glad that I did reach out to you. THANK YOU!!!!

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