Roopali Ganesh, Female, Age: 36years | Executive Singapore

Roopali Ganesh, Female, Age: 36years | Executive Singapore

Dream come true!

It has been 6yrs that i have tried multiple diets, weight loss programs, yoga, etc in the hopes of losing weight. However, the results have always been short term. Exercising without proper diet took me nowhere. Finally i gave up on weight loss efforts, until a health scare one day made me realise the importance of weight control. That is when my sister suggested to contact Meenu as she and i both were in Singapore. I have always wanted a nutritionist i can connect to in person. Meeting Meenu itself gave me an assurance that i am in the right hands!

Few facts about Meenu’s diet:
Meenu doesn’t just give you diet, she teaches you how to eat! Sounds strange? Experience it to understand it 😉
You dont starve, her diet does not restrict you to eat your fav foods albeit in moderation.
You are introduced to yummylicious new dishes!
You get an official cheat meal 🙂 though you will not feel like cheating seeing the results of the diet
You can sustain it even after your diet program is over which has never been the case in the numerous diets I had followed before.

These are the main reasons i was able to stick to Meenu’s diet and lose 8kgs easily. Even after the program ended almost 3 months ago my weight has still been constant. Its really an achievement I am very proud of, thanks to Meenu. Her recommended exercise routine is also easy to follow. Her daily follow ups makes you keep your diet in control and she is always there to answer your queries or concerns. And this not just during the program but after it also she helps me with my queries. Everyone who has seen me diet and lose weight are amazed as to how the diet can be so good and effective at the same time!

One bottomline i want to share with all those who wish to lose weight: No amount of money is worth more than your health so follow a proper diet and exercise regularly.

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