I went through some hormonal treatment for over a year which resulted in me putting on quite a few kgs. Inspite of the realization that i was fat i did not do much in watching my diet and though i exercised it was not enough. Then during a routine medical check up last year my cholesterol levels came out high and that sent me into a panic mode. I had been procrastinating going to Meenu fora while but the medical reports pushed me to take an appointment with her right away. This was July 2017.

On meeting her, few things about her appealed to me right away. Firstly the things she suggested to begin a healthy life style were all practical common sense and totally doable. Secondly her opinion that no diet should be something that one cannot do for a life time made a lot of sense and thirdly she never pushed me to join her diet plan but explained why it would be important for me to get help in the beginning.

I took the plunge and started a 9 month plan to loose 16.5kg with Meenu on 31st July and it is a decision i do not regret! All through the nine months Meenu was a constant source of support and inspiration everytime you felt that you were failing or stagnating. My job requires lot of client lunches and dinners and some amount of travel and she was able to advise how to eat healthy through all of this without being in a difficult position.

The diet plan had 80-90% of the things i liked to eat so it was easy to follow. It just taught me how to eat smaller portions and eat healthy.

9 months later I had Iost 11.5 kg and all my heath indicators were back to normal. Though i did not reach Meenu’s full desired goal for me it was a 100% victory for me as i was happy with my progress. I was back to where i had been before i started the hormonal treatment.

4 months after i have stopped my diet plan with Meenu, her advice has continued to guide on how i manage my family’s diet at home and am proud to say that my weight has stayed stagnant. I am pretty certain that if i continue to abide by the healthy eating rules i learnt with Meenu i would never have to worry about weight gain again!

Thank you so much Meenu for this inspiration and guidance to follow a health eating lifestyle! 

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