Rahul Ahuja

Rahul Ahuja

I am a very sceptical guy. Even more so when approaching somebody in the weight loss space – an unregulated industry which is a magnet for charlatans, quacks and celebrity latching crooks who even write books. One well known fellow even claims to beat cancer while making you lose weight. If that does not take your goat, nothing ever will!

I took a gamble with Meenu for a 7 month program. I was, as usual, highly sceptical at first. But a month or so into the program I started to understand the philosophy behind Meenu’s work. She is, fundamentally speaking, a honest to goodness nutritionist who knows her craft and, more importantly, who understands human psychology. She may well be great across all nationalities but for Indians specifically she would be hard to beat.

She is professional but not impersonal. She is flexible to your needs but demanding at the same time in a non- threatening way. She takes you down the path that one needs to understand the importance of exercise, the calories that is food, that food can be tasty, varied yet healthy, the way we should eat food slowly and mindfully, the way we should understand our body especially our stomach, the way we need to approach exercise, and the way we ‘give in but not go overboard’ to our desires from time to time.

I have just finished my 7 months program and I am down 7 kilos. That may not sound a lot, but I was a reasonably fit person to start with, and I never missed having a full blown lunch and dinner all through these 7 months … even with Meenu trying to arm twist me a bit. If I was overweight to start with, and a bit more flexible in terms of dinner habits, I am certain I would have been down 14 kilos in 7 months.

Most importantly, I believe a healthy three way relationship between me, my food and my exercise is now a part of my DNA and hence this is more than likely to be a sustainable weight loss. Hell, I may be back to Meenu a few months later to lose a few more kilos!

Keep the great work going, lady. You are a potential blessing to a lot of people out there … and I hope they make use of it. I am sure glad I did!

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