Mr. Anindya Dutta | 52 Male | Singapore

Mr. Anindya Dutta | 52 Male | Singapore

While I had always played sport, over the years, constant travel, stress, eating out and a sweet tooth had resulted in weight steadily going up and related health issues cropping up. Once I hit 50, the realization kicked in that if I didn’t do something now, it might well be too late afterwards.

Going to Meenu and agreeing on a lifestyle change journey with her, was one of the best decisions I took.

Meenu’s commitment to my journey, the diet that was very doable and catered to your personal food likes and dislikes without imposing on you, and daily encouragement, made this change possible. Even after the contracted period ended and weight and health goals had been achieved, she continues to follow up and monitor from time to time to make sure i am on the long-term journey.

While making the change requires commitment, belief that it’s possible to transform one’s life and habits at this age, and determination to stick through it, the journey over the past year has had a remarkable positive impact on both my weight and health – weight is down by over twenty kgs and several chronic health issues have subsided.

I recommend anyone who genuinely wants to take charge of their own health for the better, to have that first meeting with her. It will change your outlook on life.

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