Keerti Sharma

Keerti Sharma

Hi, hope you are doing good😊 Just wanted to thank you for the major improvement you have caused in my health. I went for my 3 month diabetes check up and my HBA1C is in ideal range, the Dr was very surprised as 6-7 mths ago it was very high and they have started me on stronger medicines.

What is more amazing is that from 1 Sep, I haven’t been to the gym or walks due to my daughter’s PSLE and my diabetes medicines had also finished since last 3 weeks. Despite all that the sugar levels are fairly good is what amazes me the most.

7 mths ago I was struggling every day and was at my wit’s end as to do what to manage my health!

Today I know atleast my weight is consistent and I am not scared to eat. I still have my struggles and I have yet to lose a lot of weight but atleast I am on the right path😊

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