Ekta Verma | Female | 43years | Home Maker | Malaysia

Ekta Verma | Female | 43years | Home Maker | Malaysia

I started my lifestyle changes with you after suffering from acidity resulting into migraines. I also have PCOD Issues which made things worse for me during my periods. Last year June  2020 is when I realised I don’t want to continue with it anymore and got in touch with you. Meenu you not only understood my issues but was also patient enough to listen to all my queries and problems before designing a meal plan for me. The diet plan was fully designed keeping my likes and dislikes in mind and never ever I felt like I was starving.

And Now, here I am 6 months later with full control over my acidity and bye bye to my regular migraines. But the best is yet to be written, I have not only controlled these issues but also lost 9 kgs thanks to your continued guidance and support.

Thank you  dear Meenu for everything you have done 🙏🙏

I still remember you coaching me that it is a journey , which I should continue it.

Meenu thanks for gifting me this beautiful lifestyle changes which I am Loving it !!!

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