Divik Kumar | Male, Age: 34years | Executive Singapore

Divik Kumar | Male, Age: 34years | Executive Singapore

My journey with Meenu Ma’am began at a totally unexpected note when my wife surprised me by scheduling a meeting with her. Here I was meeting a nutritionist for the very first time thinking I’ll be put on a series of cant-eat-this, workout for hours in the gym, don’t go for social outings etc. but to my surprise, she told me I could eat everything, as long as I ate with wisdom and in moderation. We started with baby steps, understanding what works for my body and what doesn’t via weekly meal plans. She was patient with me and kept track of my progress – even if I slacked somewhere, she’d bring me back on schedule.

Every day would begin reporting previous day’s weight, deviations and work out details.
This started giving me a sense of where I am going wrong and how can I correct my mistakes in my meals during the day. The meal plans were simple (all ingredients could be found in our kitchen), innovative and also introduced many new recipes in my life. The improved nutrition was evident from the energy I felt during the day and to my surprise I was actually relishing my food!

For all this duration Ma’am helped me learn how to connect with my body and listening to it before anything else, I continued my hectic corporate work-life, travel, festivals, parties and yet losing weight. She taught me how my weekly eating outs, my vacays wouldn’t bring back the lost weight by making smart choices, efficient workout and never to starve myself. So yes, now I can also say that one can lose weight, get healthier and yet can still lead a normal life and have all the fun!

As no change is simple in life and I think changing food habits are among the toughest, my mentor Meenu Ma’am was my guiding star and a strong pillar of support in my journey, her motivating talks gave me the much-needed push on my low days. Getting in shape not only boosted my health and confidence, but it also reflected in my annual medical tests this year. It was good to see myself fit 6 years old pair of jeans and receive compliments from friends and family members for my transformation. I can’t thank Meenu Ma’am enough for making this possible.

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