Dilip Kumar | Male Age | 57years | Professional | Singapore

Dilip Kumar | Male Age | 57years | Professional | Singapore

I was fortunate to find a lifestyle coach in Meenu to help me achieve my health goals. Today I have dropped my weight by over 12 kilos and feel much more energetic & healthier. It all started March of 2020… the pandemic restrictions forced me to start new routines to adapt to the changes while staying safe and well for ourselves and community. Starting a new habit is difficult however by finding a purpose and adding 3 new habits with the advisory of Meenu has made me better than before.

I was able to stay accountable to myself by declaring my goals and sharing updates with Meenu and my wife. I continue to build on them in the new year by recycling the 3 habits – Healthy eating (Food choices from Meenu), making physical activity part of my every day and recording daily journal entry.

Many thanks Meenu for helping me double down on self-care.

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