Archit Date Maale, Age: 23 years | Deloitte Singapore

Archit Date Maale, Age: 23 years | Deloitte Singapore

For a long time I have always thought that weight loss was kind of an impossible dream for me. I would try to reduce using things that I thought were good to eat, but it never turned out to be the right choice of food.

After my ACL tear on my Ortho’s recommendation, I consulted Meenu ji. With Meenu ji’s help I was able to properly understand where I was going wrong. Sticking to her diet also made me feel like eating more healthy things on my own (Something which never came to my mind normally). She was extremely accommodating and took my leg injury into account while giving me exercise recommendations. Following her diet plan made me  feel a lot more lively. Just by following her plans I have grown fond of healthier grilled protein options over fried ones.

Thank you Meenu-ji. Because of your guidance, I feel like I can definitely be able to reduce my weight further with proper dieting and exercise and finally this goal of mine seems achievable in the near future!

Thanks for all your help!.

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