Anonymous, Male 37 year, Singapore

Anonymous, Male 37 year, Singapore

I was quite tensed and was unable to understand how would I handle my husbands diet after a Kidney transplant.

I was very nervous as I was reading too much online and was not able to understand where to start & how to start..

That’s when I realise that I would need a good clinical dietitian who can guide me and help me to ease my stress and anxiety.

I knew Meenu is good at her work as she helped my niece with her weight loss and PCOD issue.

When I met her and shared about my husbands surgery and what exactly am looking for, she completely understood me and she knew what am going through.

She made me comfortable and made me realise that it’s going to be tough but not impossible and it really came out to be like that.

So I shared all my hubby’s report with Meenu and also kept her sending all the latest report until he was discharged from hospital.

With the help of all the reports and the latest reports she made a diet plan where we targeted to keep my hubby on high protein so that he increases weight as he had lost 20kgs and was very weak.

He weighed 54kgs after his surgery which was very less as per his BMI but Meenu was clear that we won’t target his previous weight which he use to have before transplant and said 65kgs would be enough for him and we should target that.

Meenu would send us diet plan for atleast three weeks and would take daily inputs on weight and schedule which we are following for his meal time.

There were times when the reports use to have little ups and down in numbers and we use to get concerned about it.

But as soon as we use to share the reports with her she use to change the whole diet plan for next coming weeks as per the reports and this change use to show up in our next regular checkup test reports.

My hubby is a very picky eater and he dislikes many veggies and this was getting tough for me to follow the diet plan as there were many veggies mention in the diet chart which he didn’t like. I shared this issue with Meenu and to my surprise Meenu came up with other substitutes for those veggies.

Within a Months time My hubby’s weight started increasing and the blood reports and other reports were coming quite good.

Just little here and there but that too was taken care by Meenu by guiding us what to stop in diet and what to start.

Meenu made it a point that she had a word with my hubby personally on regular basis to know how’s he going through the recovery and is he following the diet well or do he need any changes in it.

We had a total of 3 months plan with Meenu and am so glad that I choose her for helping me in this tough situation. In this 3 months journey Meenu always had a new diet chart according to my hubby’s reports and I must say the varieties of recipes she use to offer will never make you feel bored of having your meal.

My hubby went up to 62kgs from 54kgs within three months of diet plan and his reports started coming up normal . And this was only possible because of right guidance and proper diet from Meenu.

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