I first came to know about Meenu through Facebook. I contacted her about 5 months back and was very eager to start off on the program.  My first meeting with her was quite insightful and there was no pressure whatsoever from her side to sign up instantly. She took effort to explain various options. Since I was only a little overweight and being in my early fifties, Meenu set very realistic weight loss goals for me.
I am happy to share that during the 3-month weight loss program, I lost about 2.5 kgs and definitely some inch-loss. I am very happy with this achievement as not only did I improve my diet and added new variety but also managed to overcome bloating issues. Her diet plan allowed me my usual weekend eat-outs. Honestly, I was quite shocked to see that unlike other diet plans, there was a fair bit of carbs in my plan which makes the plan more doable and sustainable in the longer run. She emailed my diet plan for 3-weeks at one go and would modify as per target requirements. This made the plan more bite-size and not overwhelming to follow. Meenu was always available on WhatsApp for a quick check anytime I was not sure of what to eat while eating out. Not only that, she also would suggest alternative for food items that were not to my liking.

Finally, while discharging me from the 3-month program, Meenu assured me that even though the program was over I could still lose/maintain my weight by just following her suggestions.

Thankyou Meenu for your guidance and encouragement.

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