Amrit Modi Male, Age: 37years | Executive Singapore

Amrit Modi Male, Age: 37years | Executive Singapore

This journey started in February 2019 with the realization that I need to do something about my health or start paying huge sums of hard earned money on medical insurance, medicines and sign up for many self-created complications.

In March ’19, we met a wonderful guide who not only is a wonderful person but a friend, mentor as well – @ Meenu Agarwal. She helped us channelize this realization and walked along with us in the journey.

The results are for all to see. I feel so refreshed, energetic and above all Healthy .
All credit goes to Meenu didi who through her diet, exercise and life style guidance hand held us and made this possible.

Thank you Meenu Agarwal and we will need your continued guidance as you made us realize , “BEING HEALTHY IS NOT A SHORT TERM FAD BUT A LIFESTYLE.”

We (Both me and Shikha) are obliged.

Now it’s time for me to go for run else my report card tomorrow morning will be zero.

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