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Mango & Diabetes

Over the last 2-3 days I was getting calls from my close relatives who are diabetic that their sugar levels were spiking very high. They had a fairly well managed sugar history. Probing into detail and asking if they had done any change in their food habit recently. Indeed, she was having one mango a day after recent whats app video circulation that mangoes are good for diabetes etc etc. I was surprised and got worried how much impact can be created through such incorrect assessment of free information by recipients on the internet.
Mango is a great fruit. It provides a good source of dietary fibre and an excellent source of beta carotene(VitaminA), vitamin C and vitamin E in our diet. It has high amount of natural sugar & low glycemic Index. Large intake of mango can lead to spikes in blood sugar level. Prolonged spike in blood sugar level leads to worsening of diabetic symptoms.
As a dietitian, I recommend maximum 100-120g of mango a day which equals to 1-2 medium slice. Mango can best be consumed as a mid meal snack. Diabetics should avoid consumption of mango with their main meals.
Inclusion of mango in a diabetic person’s diet should always be under strict supervision of a diabetologist or a trained dietitian. A trained dietitian plans mango in the diet, after evenly distributing the calories in the daily meal plan and ensuring that the sugar does not spike, thus, avoiding complications which may arise due to inappropriate consumption of mango.

Photo credit : Jacqueline Brandwayn from Unsplash
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