Health After retirement

Most of us which ever age group and gender we may belong to hope to be physically active after retirement and be without any ailment, a great many of us follow a lifestyle that almost certainly sabotages that goal and adds the medical ailments to it.

Will we be physically able to live that life? If we are significantly heavier and less fit than we were five, ten or even 20 years ago, this downward trend will likely continue unless we make a determined effort to change it.

If we are less healthy and fit than we should be, then lets spend more energy into improving your health rather than growing our investment portfolio.

Its not a great feeling say at 50 or 60 years of age if our health is poor and millions in assets or bank. What is the fun of not able to travel, enjoy, eat , party if we are struck down with obesity, overweight, cholesterol, blood pressure.

Lets take charge of our wellness along with the next big payoff .. Balance is the key mantra between health and wealth. Both need each other and they are not happy in isolation.

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