Weight Management

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Growing up in a traditional Indian setup, I am aware of how obsessed we are about healthy-looking babies. But there’s a fine line of difference between ‘healthy’ and ‘healthy-looking’, especially from an Indian perspective. For the longest time most people have associated excessive weight with good health. And as a result, the contents of the…

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Post-Pregnancy Weight loss Look Before You Leap
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As much joy as a baby brings into your life, there’s just that wee bit gloom that you experience following childbirth. The kilos have piled up all through your pregnancy and now you have to struggle to fit back into your old clothes. However, no matter how much you hate what you see in the…

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Obesity: Why its a serious global concern
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In a fast-moving world of today, the list of our health concerns keep growing by the day. Gone are the days when there was sufficient time in a day to dedicate towards eating right and living healthy. Our priorities now have changed and personal health has taken a backseat in that list. It is therefore…

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Water: For weight loss and numerous health benefits
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I have often heard, both my clients over a consultation, or friends over a casual talk about weight-loss techniques & complaining why losing weight is such a humongous effort, and wish there was a magic cure to weight loss. I’ll have to say here, there is . Now when I say “magic” I don’t mean…

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